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Ustem BioMedical Co., Ltd. was established with the purpose of promoting human health and health through the fusion of innovative industrial technology and rapidly changing medical technology. Based on our patented stem cell extraction technology, USTEM KIT (Stromal Vascular Fraction isolation KIT) is developed to lower the barriers of expensive stem cell therapy and to popularize it. Any medical practitioner can easily separate and extract stem cells (SVF) through USTEM KIT, which will contribute to the development of domestic and overseas medical market.


The phenotype of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cell

What is SVF?

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is a component of the lipoaspirate obtained from liposuction of excess adipose tissue. Lipoaspirate, the waste product of liposuction (cosmetic surgery), contains a large population of stem cells called adipose derived regenerative cells (ADRCs), which share a number of similarities with bone marrow cells, including the capacity for multilineage differentiation.
Autologus SVFs containing ASCs are currently being used in clinical settings for various applications for human patients without any serious side effects.


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What is Ustem Kit?

Ustem kit is a disposable medical device gamma sterilized for Adipose stem cell isolation(SVF extraction). It is composed of 4 Ustem tubes and Ustem micro filter. 4 Ustem tubes can be used for each of 20ml, 40ml, 60ml of liposuction. Depending on the number of using Ustem tubes. the amount of final SVF can be adjusted as 1.5ml~6ml.

Ustem Micro Filter is for filtering of debris and dividing SVF as 100 micrometer.
Some impurities may remain in SVF after extracting SVF. Cells in the SVF have sticky properties as Filtering is necessary at the end.
Ustem Micro Filter can filter and divide SVF as 100 micrometer as it can be applied for injection safely.


Now, You can extract SVF Simply & Safely

Please forget the complex conventional protocol of SVF isolation and extraction.


  • Simply locking or unlocking the lower lever by turning up and down for SVF Isolation
    It is very easy to use with its patented design and technology.


  • In the world’s first SVF isolation method. The entire process from liposuction to washing and extraction of SVF takes place in only one tube without moving tubes.
    It is no risk of contamination in the process of SVF isolation.


  • Using Ustem kit for SVF isolation is very economical
    There is no initial cost as expensive equipment or pipettes, conical tubes, and others are not required. it is easy for medical personnel to extract SVF at low cost.


  • The time for SVF isolation and extraction is less than 10 minutes.
    Other products take more than 20 minutes except for incubation and centrifugation generally required for SVF isolation.


Cell Yield

Comparison of SVF isolation yield from adipose tissue between manual method and USTEM Kit

SVF Isolation Rate

SVF isolation ratio analysis by manual method and Ustem Kit


Comparison of cell viability between manual method vs USTEM Kit

Cell yield according to SVF isolation method

Comparison of cell yield according to SVF isolation method from adipose tissue : manual vs Commercial Kit vs USTEM Kit

Test for Collagenase residue

Cell counts

Cellular number counts of SVF extracted with USTEM Kit



Ustem tube is the simplest tube in the world. Anyone can extract SVF easily, quickly, and safely from liposuction tissue

  • STEP1 Preparation
  • STEP2 1:1 ratio of fat tissue to collagenase
  • STEP3 Incubation for shaking
  • STEP4 Centrifugation
  • STEP5 Turning up to secure SVF
  • STEP6 Washing collagenase for three times
  • STEP7 Turning down to extract SVF
  • STEP8 Extracting SVF
  • STEP9 Filtering and division of SVF
  • STEP10 Final SVF

The Easiest SVF Isolation System

Remember only up &down

Turning Down

Unlock the middle lever by turning down the lower body for washing of enzyme or extracting final SVF

Secured SVF

Turning Up

Lock the middle lever by turning up the lower body that can secure the separated SVF of the lower cap of Ustem tube





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if you have any question,please get in touch.

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